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Please use the FAQ below before contacting support. Billing issues are highest priority. Support is provided best effort (I am one person), generally expect a reply within a month.

Support Email:

Twitter: @ShadowWeather

Shadow Weather also sends emails from @* If you recieve communication from another source, please contact directly before proceeeding communication.


The data is delayed by 20 mins

The time displayed on the app is the latest data from your local station. This does not mean the forecast is delayed!

Ongoing notification and app are different

The ongoing notification uses the hourly forecast to display the weather data. The top section of the app uses the latest station data. Both are useful and can be compared. The discrepceny should only be a few degrees generally.

The weather will not load

Clear the app cache and restart the app. Also check that your device's time is correct.

The forecast is wrong

Weather forecasting will be wrong sometimes. DO report large errors (example: temperature is 40 degress off). Treat a weather forecast as an educated guess rather than truth. Use the multiple sources in shadow weather to compare different forecasts.

Premium stopped working

1. Press the 'restore purchase' button on the premium page.
2. Check that the primary account on your device has the subscription.
3. Try reinstalling the app.

Widget will not update

On android widgets are only allowed to update every 15 minutes in the background. If widgets are not loading at all go into the app settings and press the ignore battery optimization button if you are on android.

No iOS widgets?

Unfortunately not; Apple has no reliable way to update widgets in the background so I cannot in good faith offer something that might work sometimes.

How frequent are app updates?

Since Shadow Weather is developed by one person; updates are not going to be fast AND stable. Depending on what I am working on expect updates monthly for beta and quarterly updates for production.